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40G QSFP+ to 4X 10G SFP+AOC PlexOptics QSFP to 4x SFP+ breakout Active Optical Cable offers IT professionals a cost-effective interconnect solution for merging 40G QSFP and 10G SFP+ enabled host adapters, switches and servers. For typical applications, users can install this splitter Active Optical cable between an available QSFP port on their 40Gbps rated switch and feed up to four upstream 10GbE-SFP+ enabled switches. Each QSFP-SFP+ splitter Active Optical cable features  a  single  QSFP connector (SFF-8436) rated for 40Gbps on one end and (4) SFP+ connectors (SFF-8431), each rated for 10-Gb/s, on the other. Features l Electrical  interface  compliant  to  QSFP+  connector (SFF-8436) and SFP+ connectors (SFF-8431) l Hot Pluggable l 850nm VCSEL tran...
40G QSFP+ to 8 x LC Breakout Cable PlexOptics QSFP+ to 8 x LC Connector Breakout Optical Cable are a high performance, low power consumption, long reach interconnect solution supporting 40G Ethernet, fiber channel and PCIe. It is compliant with the QSFP MSA and IEEE P802.3ba 40GBASE-SR4. PlexOptics QSFP+ Breakout Cable is an assembly of 4 full-duplex lanes, where each lane is capable of transmitting data at rates up to 10Gb/s, providing an aggregated rate of 40Gb/s. QSFP+ Breakout Cable are suitable for short distances and offer a highly cost-effective way to connect within racks and across adjacent racks. These breakout cables connect to a 40G QSFP+ port of a switch on one end and to four 10G SFP+ Transceivers of a switch on the other end Features l Full duplex 4 channel 850nm parallel ac...
10G SFP+AOC PlexOpitcs SFP+ Active Optical Cables are direct-attach fiber assemblies with SFP+ connectors. They are suitable for very short distances and offer a cost-effective way to connect within racks and across adjacent racks. PlexOpitcs SFP+ Active Optical is up to 300 meters on OM3 MMF. Features l Electrical interface compliant to SFF-8431 l Hot Pluggable l 850nm VCSEL transmitter, PIN photo-detector receiver l Up to 300m on OM3 MMF l Operating case temperature: 0 to 70℃ l All-metal housing for superior EMI performance l RoHS compliant (lead free) Applications l 10 Gigabit Ethernet l 4G and 8G Fibre Channel Applications l 1x InfiniBand QDR. DDR, SDR l High-performance computing clusters l Servers, switches, storage and host card
PlexOptics can provide aremarkable range of customized optical solutions.  For more details, pleasecontact PlexOptics ODM/OEM design team or marketing department for yourrequirements and ordering information:
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