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Listing Date: 2013-05-13
Download Datasheet: CWDM OADM

CWDM Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (OADM)

PlexOptics’ CWDM OADM is designed to add/drop CWDM signals into one or two fibers, which makes it a flexible, low-cost solution for increasing the bandwidth demand on enterprise and metro access networks. It can simultaneously support ESCON, ATM, Fiber Channel, Gigabit-Ethernet, without disturbing each other.

The CWDM OADM is available in standalone 19’’ Rack mount, LGX module and ABS box module packing. We can also provide customized design to suit situations in which your existing network has one or two fibers, redundant network, ring or linear network design etc.



l Low insertion loss & Low PDL

l Wide pass band & High channel isolation

l Compliant with ITU-T G.694.2 CWDM or G.695

l Optional extension and wide band ports for network upgrade, existing equipment or add-and-drop

l Fully transparent to all data rates and protocols

l Exceptional reliability and stability

l Telcordia GR-1221/1209-CORE Compliant


l Access networks

l Metro WDM systems

l Enterprise networks

l Telecommunications

l Add/Drop Channels




Type A: 19’’ 1RU Rack chassis or 23’’ 1RU Rack chassis

Type B: LGX-Three Metal BoxStandard/Fit to Empty 4RU 19 inch Rack Mount that holds 12pcs standard LGX box

LGX-Two Metal Box Fit to Empty 1RU 19 inch Rack Mount that holds 4pcs LGX-Two box

LGX-One Metal Box Fit to Empty 1RU 19 inch Rack Mount thats hold 2pcs LGX-One box

Type C: ABS box( C1=100x80x10mm, C2=120x80x18mm, C3=140x115x18mm)

Type D: Empty 1RU, 2RU Rack chassis and 4RU Rack Chassis is optional


Application Scenarios:

A: Single-Directional CWDM OADM:


B: Bi-directional CWDM OADM over dual fiber:

C: Bi-directional CWDM OADM over single fiber:


 D: Bi-directional CWDM OADM over single fiber( With Circulator inside):




E: Bi-directional CWDM OADM over single fiber (To be used together with CWDM BIDI SFP/XFP):


 F: Bi-directional CWDM OADM over single fiber (To be used together with SFSW SFP/XFP):



 Please contact for more options.





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