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MPO/MTPLOOPBACK ASSEMBLIES MPO / MTP LoopbackAssemblies are designed for testing MPO parallel links and for device burn-in.By creating a loop of signal from transceiver to receiver within one MPO plug, itforms an optical link which can test optical network segment by segment,providing an effective way of testing the transmission capability and receiversensitivity. FEATURES l Available in forms of MTRJ, 8 / 12FMPO, and 24F Loopback. l Customized loop length and polarity. l Available in multi-module andsingle-module. l Customized Attenuation APPLICATIONS l For equipment self-testing andengineering l Network diagnosing and testing l Storage Area Network
MPO/MTPAOC ASSEMBLIES TheMPO/MTP AOC assemblies are designed to assemble active optical cable, such asQSFP/QDR/CXP, the assemblies are available in multi-mode (OM3 50/125, 62.5/125)or single-mode. FEATURES l MPO / MTP in 8/12/24 fibersinterface optional l Customized the fiber arrayassemblies and cable length. l Available in +/-0.2mm for thetolerance of length.   l Small volume and high performance. APPLICATIONS l Emerging high-speed communicationapplications. l High-speed transceivers l Ethernet System. l Routers, Switches
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